Our law firm provides legal services in the following areas:

  • analysis and development of the legal aspects of all activities undertaken by the client in the external and internal relations, including the preparation of legal documents and opinions, beneficial for the customer;

  • legal services in the field of court proceedings;

  • legal representation in arbitration or court, including analysis of documents prepared by the client, strategic advices on development;

  • trainings conducted by professional lawyers, theorists and practitioners: the organization of legal training tailored to specific needs;

  • advice during negotiations process – representing the Client in other external relations;

  • any other actions agreed with the representative of the Client; general, legal advices.


Civil Law

in case of civil law, our firm advice particularly in substantive law area contract law matters. Moreover, our specialists draft contracts, legal opinions and conduct negotiations. 

Business Law

we advice in the process of creation and liquidation of business entities such as commercial companies, branches of foreign companies, agencies, associations and foundations. We also provide ongoing support in preparation and revision of civil law contracts, division and restructuring of companies, merger proceedings, etc.

Labor Law

our firm provides clients with the very best advice in this regard. we assist clients in maintaining good labor  relations. We advice in the process of creating and reviewing employment contracts, management contracts, employment policies, occupational safety and health, disputes, employee rights and their protection. Our specialists also advice on discrimination, retaliation and unlawful harassment litigation, privacy, wrongful termination and unfair dismissal. 

Real Estate

comprehensive legal analyzes of real estate, establishing and organizing the legal status of real estate for the purposes of the transaction, etc.

Family Law

we offer legal advice on  divorce issues, child support issues, property division, separation, matters relating to parental responsibility and child custody. We represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations. 

Medical Law

our specialists advice on medical malpractice, when a hospital or doctor through a negligent act or an omission causes an injury a patient.  

Administrative Law

when it comes to administrative law, our specialists may help you in the process of obtaining concessions, licenses, permits or may advice on the investment process, public – private partnerships, public aid,  EU funds for development of entrepreneurship, etc. Our services in this regard also provide drafting letters, applications, appeals, complaints and representation of clients in administrative proceedings before public and local government administrations bodies, Voivodship Administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative court.

Intellectual Property Law

our law firm offers legal advice on protection of personal and property rights, image rights, letter recipients, source confidentiality and reproduction of movies, music and literature. In this regard, our specialists are able to represent you in the most complex infringement matters. Moreover, our firm pays special attention to the right of publicity and promotion. 

Road Traffic Law

our specialists advice on road traffic accidents and making compensation claims in this regard.